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Prayer Diary Dec 2018

Saturday 1st Messy Church at Dunnet
On World Aids Day we pray for all those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, particularly the children in the village of Jooma, Malawi, supported by the Livingstonia Synod Aids Project. (Guild E News)

Sunday 2nd Ps 25.1-10; Luke 21.25-36 First Sunday of Advent
Og & Dt:Pet Service - Lyall & Issy Currie; K & Cb: Marcus
It is many years since a Pet Service was held in Olrig Church and today’s services are eagerly anticipated by several friends! A child is said to have prayed: ‘Thank You, God, for making pets!’ Amen! Pray that these services will be a real blessing. Pray too for Marcus and for all those who will conduct worship in our county as we begin to look towards the Coming of the Christ Child.

Monday 3rd Crossroads School Assembly
Over the next three weeks many School Assemblies and Church Services will take place. Please pray for each one that you know of, asking that the real message of Christmas might touch the hearts of every person who attends. And pray for strength (and inspiration!) for each person charged with the task of leading.

Tuesday 4th Caithness Presbytery meets in Thurso
As Presbytery meets this evening we shall give Rev Ronnie Johnstone well deserved thanks for many years of service as Presbytery Clerk, and welcome Heather Stewart to this office. At this last meeting of the year there will be several important matters to be dealt with. Pray that members of Presbytery might not be prevented from attending, whether by inclement weather or ill health but that each one will be diligent; happy to attend, eager to serve.

Wednesday 5th Canisbay School Assembly
Loving Father, we worship and give You praise as the time approaches to celebrate the birth of Your Son, Jesus. Through two thousand years and countless battles, You have been there, for all people, regardless of their race or colour. Let us all know Your love

Thursday 6th
Pray that we may aware of those who will be lonely this Christmas. Help us to seek in any way to visit or befriend them to show God's love for them in their loneliness

Friday 7th
Loving Father, we pray for all those who suffer in silence. Loneliness, stress, worry, pain or a diagnosis of disease affect us all at some time or other. Encourage us to support anyone who needs us.

Saturday 8th
Sadly, alcohol is a continuing concern in our communities, perhaps particularly over the Festive Season. Do you wish something could be done about it? It can! You are invited to join (in person or in spirit) tomorrow evening the ALCOHOL CONCERN PRAYER GROUP meeting in Castletown & Community Free Church at 8pm. God is powerful and when His people pray, particularly together, mountains move!

Sunday 9th Ps 27; Luke 3.1-6 Second Sunday of Advent
Olrig & Dunnet:Marcus ; Keiss & Canisbay: Lyall
Christmas Carol Service in Mey Hall at 6.30
Last year’s Celebration in Mey Hall was a great success! Let’s do it again! All are welcome!

Monday 10th
We give thanks for those people in positions of leadership - internationally, nationally and locally. Give each leader the strength to make wise, fair and caring decisions in a world full of greed.

Tuesday 11th
Christmas is a time when traditionally families try to be together. For those who have to cover many miles to meet up we ask for safe travel and good weather conditions so they can have a journey without added complications.

Wednesday 12th
We lay at the foot of Your Cross all those words, thoughts and actions which have hurt others. Whether said in anger, frustration or malice - we ask Your forgiveness and pray that we become more like the disciples You want us to be.

Thursday 13th Crossroads and Keiss Christmas Show
Pray for the Manse Committee with the new manse planning application hopefully being granted. Also pray for the Nomination Committee not to lose heart but to keep praying that God will raise up a new minister for our parish.

Friday 14th
We pray for all teenagers. Not quite adult and no longer a child, their needs are often forgotten. As they struggle to learn new skills and to resist temptations, give them Your grace and calmness, to meet each challenge thoughtfully.

Saturday 15th
We give thanks for anyone who works outside regardless of the weather. Builders, Farm workers, Road repairers and Rubbish collectors endure cold winds and rain to keep us fed, housed and able to move around. Bless each one of them, Lord!

Sunday 16th Ps 45; Luke 3.7-18 Third Sunday of Advent
Og & Dt:Angela, Lessons & Carols; Keiss & Canisbay: Lyall
As this Sunday dawns, all Angela’s arrangements for the services will be made; all readers selected. Ask God to bless and uphold each person who has agreed to take part. Give them a sense of ownership as they share the well known words with us.
You are also warmly invited to CAROLS by CANDLELIGHT in Castletown & Community Free Church at 4pm, followed by festive refreshments. This was a particularly happy celebration last year. Your presence will add blessing this year!

Monday 17th
So Joseph also went up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to Bethlehem the town of David. (Luke 2.4)
Merciful Father, we pray for all who are travelling at this time, whether by choice to visit family, or because they have nowhere to stay. You know and see them: keep them warm, fed and safe.

Tuesday 18th Crossroads School Service in Dunnet Church
Canisbay Guild at 2.30pm
‘Following yonder star’ is the title of Canisbay Guild’s Christmas Meeting to which everyone is invited. Fellowship, fun and Christmas fare are guaranteed. We need YOU to make our time together just as special as it can be. Pray that the weather won’t make getting there a challenge!

Wednesday 19th Canisbay School Christmas Assembly
When we are buying Christmas presents, we remember the gifts that the wise men and shepherds took to the baby Jesus so long ago. Now, as then, there are those who have and those who don’t have. Gracious God. encourage us all to share, taking opportunities as they arise. Boxes at our church doors for donations to the Food Banks are an excellent initiative. Lord, prompt us if we need to be reminded!

Thursday 20th Keiss School Christmas Assembly
As our local children rejoice together, it is sobering for us to read the following: The children of believers from Muslim backgrounds face rejection from their communities – even on the playground. Pray that their parents and the local church will lay a firm foundation of the Word of God in their lives so that they will grow to be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. (Open Doors)

Friday 21st
Christmas can be a joyous celebration for families. For some, however, especially those missing a loved one, it can be a sad and lonely time. We pray especially for them: comfort and strengthen them, shield them from harm and let them know Your enfolding love

Saturday 22nd
The excitement is almost too much to bear, Lord, as Your Birthday approaches! We ask for Your blessing on every child across our united parishes and pray that they receive the gift of knowing You Some will have shared in the excitement of Messy Church; many will have sung carols and listened attentively at their school Christmas Service; many have been reached through the media… Speak, Lord!

Sunday 23rd Ps 80.1-7;Luke 1.39-45 Fourth Sunday of Advent
Og:Lyall; Dt:Lyall & Messy Church; K & Cb: Isabel Rennie
‘Lord God, purify my heart and hold me steady in Christ. Enable me to worship You today with heart, mind and strength.’
(Emlyn and ‘Tricia Williams, Encounter with God, Scripture Union)

Monday 24th
At the time of preparation of this issue it was not possible to arrange one or more WatchNight Services but other Churches have made plans and these will be well advertised. Coming Lord, richly bless all those who anticipate this evening’s services with joy! Bless especially those who seldom enter a church building but wouldn‘t miss tonight. Inspire through the words of Scripture and of the carols each person who attends and challenge us again to greet You joyfully. Be near to us, Lord Jesus. Be real to us.

Tuesday 25th Christmas Day Service in Canisbay Church Hall
A regular attendee writes, ‘It is always a joy to spend Christmas morning among church friends and their families. We are grateful to everyone who takes time to prepare for and help in any way to deliver this very special service. If you haven't previously attended do try to come along this year.’
Happy Birthday, Jesus!!!

Wednesday 26th Boxing Day
Boxing Day can be an anticlimax! Jesus, Emmanuel, God is with us, be real to me today and every day. Surprise me, Lord

Thursday 27th
A tiny bud on a bush, a new blade of grass and the emerging leaf of a snowdrop remind us that a New Year is soon to begin. Thank You, Lord, for keeping us safe in 2018!

Friday 28th
In this Christmas Season, let’s all remember that Jesus was born to reconcile us to God. And let us pray for those who are unwell, isolated and facing the challenge of physical and mental illness.

Saturday 29th
Ian McRee writes, ‘Please pray for the members and adherents at Bower as their church closes this month; that they will not just drift away from Church but will make the effort to find a new spiritual home at Watten or in other churches in the area. Remember Presbytery Moderator Rev Andrew Barrie as he has to conduct the final service at 3pm tomorrow.

Sunday 30th Ps 148; Luke 2.41-52 First Sunday after Christmas
Combined services at Olrig and Canisbay conducted by Lyall
For some, combined services are not popular! But it is a whole year since we formed a union and we are certainly stronger together! It would be a great cause for joy if each of our members were to attend today at Olrig or at Canisbay, perhaps offering lifts or ensuring that people feel welcome: whatever is appropriate. Our friends in Bower see their Church close today. Pray for them. Let’s work and pray to ensure our future!

Monday 31st
Finally, whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me- put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you. (Philippians 4.8,9 abridged)
God of the Years, help each of us to keep our eyes on You as we step forward with You into 2019


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