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Prayer Diary November 2018

Thursday 1st
Archie and Ann moved into their new home in Castletown recently. Archie writes: ‘Lord, keep us thankful, recognizing how active you are here, providing for us, changing each situation even as you uphold it. Thank you for the protection and provision of the last week, for answered prayer, unexpected blessing and the sense of your presence with us - like Jacob "this is the gate of God, and I didn't realise it" Gen 28:16’ Give thanks and pray on for them. (Ed)

Friday 2nd
As preparations are made for tomorrow evening’s Harvest Celebration, give thanks for this year’s Harvest on land and at sea. Pray that in God’s time His Harvest of souls will be reaped. Meantime, workers are urgently required! God wants to use each of us! If possible, let’s take the opportunity to celebrate at Keiss….

Saturday 3rd

Harvest Celebration in Keiss Community Hall
Messy Church at Dunnet; Saturday Club at Canisbay.

Only two children came along to Canisbay last month, but Archie and Ann are repeating the invitation. Lots of things happen at this time and wisdom is required! Give thanks for Ruth and her helpers at Dunnet and for the children who attend regularly. May the Spirit of God plant seeds of faith in young lives and bring fruit in His time!

Sunday 4th Psalm 146; Mark 12. 28-34 Olrig & Dunnet: Lyall; Keiss & Canisbay: Archie

This is Adoption Sunday. The vision is a home for every child who needs one. Loving Father, we remember children in care and pray they will be able to have a foster family or adoptive parents. We also ask Your blessing on the foster carers who look after children on a short term basis or a more long term arrangement, and for those who adopt children.

Monday 5th Crossroads Assembly
Please keep praying for every opportunity in our schools and trust God to keep hearts and minds (and doors!) open for His Word

Tuesday 6th Presbytery meets in Wick St Fergus Church
Ask God for wisdom for the restructuring of Presbytery, to make best use of our understanding and resources, that God will help us to keep our focus where it should be, and that the Spirit will be evident in it all.

Wednesday 7th Canisbay Assembly
Loving and Faithful God, You promised that You would never leave Your flock without shepherds. We continue to ask that You grant all those hearing Your call, a spirit of wisdom, courage and perseverance. Let them know that they are needed here in Caithness. And we ask especially that a full time Minister may hear the call to look after Pentland Parish in particular!

Thursday 8th
In a recent ‘Time for Reflection’, Rev. Ian MacDonald, while thanking MSP’s for their hard work and service, also pointed out that ‘Perhaps for some in our society, it has felt exciting to cast off the Judeo-Christian Ethic that has cemented western society for two millennia. However, casting off all restraint leaves people alone, addicted and without purpose’. He called for those entrusted with enacting laws that set the boundaries of freedom in Scotland to ensure that the vision they have is for our laws to bring freedom and happiness to our nation. Where there is no vision, the people cast off restraint. But "he that keeps the law happy is he”.(Prov. 29.18)

Friday 9th
Nights are drawing in and many elderly people feel more lonely and isolated. Guide us, Lord, to do what we can to look out for those in need of comfort and reassurance. May You be close to those in need.

Saturday 10th
Forgiving Lord, pardon my sins of omission - all those times when I should have acted, but didn't. In particular, forgive me for........... (insert your own omission or wrong action).
In hurting others, I have hurt You and I am truly sorry. I will try to be a better follower of You.

Sunday 11th Remembrance Sunday Ps.127; Mark 12. 38-44
Olrig & Dunnet: Marcus Cornah; Keiss & Cb: Lyall

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God…. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven (Matt.5.9,12)
As we gather for Remembrance Sunday and commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the end of WW1 let us give thanks for the sacrifice of all those who served their country and pray that the world can become a more peaceful place.

Monday 12th
Loving God, we ask for Your blessing on the new home of Archie and Ann, tasked with spreading Your word in our communities. May Your peace always go with them.

Tuesday 13th
Sadly nowadays we hear more and more about young people with mental health issues. We give thanks for all those who provide help and care to those who are suffering and are grateful for organisations like MIND who give much needed support.

Wednesday 14th
Pray that we will develop the confidence to speak out publicly in love, not merely in criticism or complaint, to make the case for Christ as the King who now holds everything together, in the hope of a better world, where things work as they were intended.

Thursday 15th Kirk Session meets at Dunnet
Dear God, You have called us to be members of Your church here in Caithness. Keep us working and praying together, believing and serving only You. Be with us in our everyday lives and encourage us to tell the good news of Your love to all those we know. Help us to show by our actions that we love others more than ourselves: that we are true believers in You.

Friday 16th
Brexit is, according to many newspaper reports, seeing the UK Government capitulate more and more to EU demands. Please pray that our politicians receive His boldness to stand up and negotiate for a fair, ordered and timely exit from Europe.

Saturday 17th
There is a meeting in Thurso West Church at 2.30 pm to mark Guild Week. Guilds across Scotland will be promoting this great organisation and holding events over the course of the coming week. A time of worship and praise will be followed by the opportunity of fellowship with friends from all areas of Caithness over a cup of tea. All are welcome at this event if you are a member of the Guild or not. Please come along!

Sunday 18th Psalm 16; Mark 13. 1-8
Olrig & Dunnet- Marcus Cornah; K & Cb Communion-Lyall

I rejoiced when I heard them say:
‘Let us go to the house of God.’
And now our feet are standing
in your gates, O Jerusalem! (Psalm 122)

Pray that this may be true for all in our county who either lead or share in worship today.

Monday 19th Crossroads Assembly
Loving Father, help us to listen and understand: listening to You, hearing what others are saying and, most difficult of all, receiving unwelcome news or criticism graciously and with the knowledge that You will always be there as our support.

Tuesday 20th
Pray for those who live in constant pain, where the colour has drained from the world, and wakefulness feels like a burden. Ask God to bring His healing to body and soul, and joy in place of weariness

Wednesday 21st Canisbay Assembly
Gracious Lord, we pray that You'll show us when we're holding others at arms’ length, unwilling to be associated with them. Help us to turn away from this, and experience Your love for each other.

Thursday 22nd Ministry & Mission in Wick
Pray for those working in journalism, where the temptation to 'feed the beast' so often results in gossip and trivia. Pray for a hunger for truth and substance, and a better treatment of the issues.

Friday 23rd
Pray for those who are desperate to escape from the addiction that holds them, but have no real hope for themselves. Only the Spirit of God has the assured power to grant victory and He is able!

Saturday 24th
The spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He sent me… to proclaim freedom for the captives. (Is.61.1)
Another weekend is here and for many the addiction referred to yesterday is alcohol. Some of the Lord’s people have committed to meet monthly on a Sunday evening in Castletown Free Church for an ALCOHOL CONCERN PRAYER MEETING.
‘We pray and seek the Lord’s direction that we may be used to break the culture of drinking to excess within our communities.’

Sunday 25th Psalm 132; John 18. 33-37
Og & Dt Communion – Lyall ; K & Cb – Ben MacGregor

In Canisbay Church it is hoped that some Guild members will take part in the service to mark Guild Week. 
In the evening, this being the last Sunday of the month, there may be a short service in Freswick Castle. Give thanks for Ben and Catherine MacGregor who organise these gatherings of the Lord’s people. So many have been blessed in attending regularly or occasionally.

Monday 26th
Pray for the church in Shetland, where 20 congregations are to close! Pray especially that this will prove to be a helpful change, bringing about fresh ways of meeting and worshiping, for many more people.

Tuesday 27th Canisbay Guild
This evening’s meeting follows Guild Week and features Music with Issy Currie and Nancy Foggo. We’ll also have a Bring and Buy table – an opportunity to purchase some Christmas presents? As usual, friends are welcome and a pleasant evening of fellowship is guaranteed.

Wednesday 28th
We thank You, Lord, for the service given to us by ministers and assistants: our Interim Moderator Rev Ian McCree travelling up and down the road to Brora; our Locum Minister, Rev Lyall Rennie and his wife, Isabel who stretch themselves to support schools, services, as well as our scattered communities; and for OLM, Esme, who freely gives of her time to edit this diary. We pray for them and for all whom You call to lead Your church through ordained ministry.

Thursday 29th
Ask God for wisdom in dealing with the buildings we have inherited from previous generations, especially where we lack the resources to change them as we’d like, to make them more user friendly to those in our communities who don’t often come to worship with us. Pray for the understanding, trust and courage to make the best decisions about what we change and how to do it.

Friday 30th
Next Sunday will be the First Sunday in Advent! How the year has flown! Thank you for your fellowship in prayer. Without your prayers we would have been much poorer. But now we look ahead to Advent, Christmas and the New Year with real anticipation!
May God bless you richly as you continue to walk with Him and trust Him for all that lies ahead.

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